Tugaloo Corridor is a project of the Stephens County Foundation contacts

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What is the Tugaloo Corridor?

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Have you "toured" Tugalo Bend Farm?

"Billy" & Carole Hayes' farm of the mid-20th century is the "heritage" site of the Tugaloo Corridor. (click on the logo for a tour.)

the Cherokee syllabary characters below represent the sounds for Tugaloo

DU-GI-LU or Tu ga loo

Cherokee influence in the Tugaloo Corridor

Tugaloo Town (Dugilu'yi)
the council house mound was excavated in 1957-58.
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Yonah - the GA Power Lake

The 1924-25 construction of Yonah Dam and Lake changed the northern end of the Corridor
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HISTORY PROJECT--> (click picture)

"From our Past, In the Present, For the Future:
Preserving Oral History Along the Tugaloo Corridor"

10:00 am, Saturday, March 2, 2013, Mitchell Allen Room of the Stephens County Historical Society



"Tugaloo Cultural & Environmental Learning Center"

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